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Originally Posted by squat View Post
I'm with you there. The V6 seems competitively priced, but the 5.7 is not good enough. IMO the 6.4 hemi should be what the R/T gets and a SC 6.4 should be in the SRT.
I actually disagree with the both of you on the Challenger, the Dodge doesn't really compete with the Camaro and Mustang head to head. Also if they are ok with the lower sales volume then there isn't much that has to be done about that as well.

In fact as far as price goes around me you can always get a Challenger for $6,000 off MSRP (though I know this may not be the case everywhere).

Though I would say that the issue with the Challenger has less to do with its execution and price and more to do with what it is. Compared to the Camaro and Mustang the Challenger is a large car, the front has more room then the other two. The back seat is actually practical (can seat adults) and has room for 3 in the back making it a 5 seater.

The Dodge Challenger is the closest to a muscle car that you can buy today. It is a very large car, and with a $6,000 discount on the R/T Challenger I can buy a brand new R/T for $25,000. This makes it a great deal cheaper then the Camaro SS and a bit cheaper then the Mustang GT (when you take incentives into account).

This really brings into question how big of a market is there for a pure muscle car, and while I don't doubt that there is a market for it it is a small one.

As far as the 5.7L Hemi goes, in the Challenger it only produces 370BHP while in the Ram trucks it produces 390BHP (and that is with a truck tune). I have no doubt in my mind that Dodge can get the 5.7L Hemi up to 425BHP for the Challenger and mate it to the 8 speed automatic. This will improve both its performance and fuel economy, though I honestly think that while its a better product for its customer base it won't increase its sales.

I honestly believe that this is why the Challenger is going away, and is slated to be replaced with a Cuda which will be more in line with the Camaro/Mustang.
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