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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
Ok I will accept that but again my what if comment was just in reply to my sons comment about the 1LE package not being the Boss competitor. And if they could bump up the HP and remove weight if it would qualify as a Z28.
Never ever saying it would be done, at least not in the 5th Gen.

I am sorry if I said anything that may have upset those Z28 faithful. So i will now bow out gracefully.Good night everyone and I hope you all get what you want in a Z28
I agree with both of you the 1LE is a very impressive "Track Pack". It should be compared primarily to the Mustang GT "Track Pack" due to it being an option for the SS as well as its price point. The fact that it is superior to the Boss in some of its capabilities just shows the high value that comes from the Camaro brand.

I'm personally not upset, just trying to help others not as deeply familiar with all the in-depth discussions here see why we've come to the conclusions we have. Some that are faithful regulars to the Z28 threads can get upset (I have myself been offended by others) due to the attempts by some (not you) that I call hit-n-runners. They come hear and leave very negative comments and disappear. So some if us may be sensitive to that. Your welcome to come back.
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