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Drives: 2010 RJT 2SS RS M6 "Ruby"
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Ruby's Timeline
9/2/12 - Saved from a life of dusty paint
9/8/12 - First 'Mod' ! SLP Black Gloss Faded Gill Decals
9/2012 - Skip-Shift Eliminator (annoying!!!!)
10/5/12 - license plate frames (ebay)
10/6/12 - Lingenfelter pedal return spring
12/1/12 - CAI intake, complete with scoop, and modified wiper fluid reservoir
12/13/12 - Installed locking gas cap, tumbler DIY - <3 Camaro5
12/16/12 - Fuse pull, see if this helps!
12/29/12 - Installed ZL1 Grille (found this video helpful in removing the bumper: )
12/30/12 - Finished up grille, attached SS emblem with trim tape - added carbon fiber vinyl bowtie to the rear. Day 1 of Strut Brace install - still need to remove spindal bolts :(
12/31/12 - Day 2 of strut brace install (hotchkis). Success!
06/24/13 - Finally got my baby back from the dealer: Warranty replacement of cracked dash and broken mufflers. No more buzzing!
01/01/14 - The Hubby bought me some killer tips and a new diffuser to accommodate my new pipes! Installed the diffuser, going to get some big sound in there soon and replace the stock mufflers.
01/21/14 - New Exhaust! I had the Flowmaster Super 40's installed. I really like the sound, but the drone at cruise is bad :( Going to have to get something to help with that!
04/25/14 - Rally stripes installed (Big Worm Graphix), looks even better than I expected! Will look awesome next week when I get her de-swirled
05/16/14 - So the place I had install the stripes did a poor job, lifted up almost instantly - and too stretched out to repair. Got a new spear for the driver's side, so I'll be reapplying that this weekend if possible. Pulled off the OEM spoiler today to make room for the ZL1 Replica Spoiler and noticed some missing paint. Will be taking that in for the TSB free repaint, but will finish installing the new spoiler this weekend.
06/2014 - Installed my new ZL1 Front Fascia from orange10s.c., the color looked great
07/28/14 - Finally got my car back from the dealer!! My trunk was repainted, and I had them finish hooking up the electrical for the spoiler taillight. I had to replace the stripes due to the trunk repaint, so they paid for half of the OEM Matte Rally Stripe kit.
07/01/14 - Hubby surprised me with some matte black tail lamp bezels I think this is the quickest mod I have done yet, took about 20 mins.
__________________________________________________ _____

Sept 2012 - Ruby spent a stint at the chevy dealer as they tried to fix up her clutch system. They ended up replacing the clutch actuator, which seemed to help a lot. I realized the clutch was funny for a reason! After I got her back, the clutch would sometimes stick in the morning and wouldn't fully release. I took her back in, and they came to the conclusion that it was fine and there was nothing they could do. We decided to try the lingenfelter spring, and since then it has felt even better. No sticking at all so far.

Oct 2012- Thinking about the LED 'angel eyes' foglamps, but trying to decide if I would rather spend the money on some mileage mods... Gas is a killer right now!

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