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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
Joe, another Pulitzer Prize-deserving report...well-done, as always!
I don't know about that...but thank you just the same, kind sir.

Originally Posted by L99CAMA2011 View Post
With a blower equal more weight in front as well and more understeer, handling wise you will feel a big difference. we all know, the ZL1 is supercharged...yet it's Fr/Rr weight balance actually is improved vs the SS.

Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
To the Mods...could you please make this a sticky. It has a lot of vital information as to whether this would make a viable option for those interested in adding this package. Thank You.
Originally Posted by DanSS24 View Post
I second that motion...please.
I'm sure we can do that!

I'm very curious to hear what everyone thinks when they get their 1LE. What an awesome car!

Of course...if you don't option up for the dual-mode exhaust, I'll have to beat you over the head....
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