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Thanks for all the compliments guys!! I just scheduled an appointment with my shop to stop by tomorrow and take a look where itís at, last I heard they were making space to fit the 4L80E. Once that gets in they have to do a bit of wiring, but once thatís doneÖÖ. ITS DYNO TIME. Iíll take some more pictures of parts and of the car on the lift and I should have them up on C5 sometime tomorrow.

BTW, does anyone have any friends or know of anyone that has done a similar build? I was just curious how much different the car will drive once I get it back. I was running an STS twin turbo kit (550rwhp) before. Obviously itís going to be much more powerful now, but howís the drivability?

Here are a few pics of the exterior....
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Engine Modifications:
TSP 418 w/ 4 in. Stroke Custom cam
Kooks 2in Long tube Headers Built 4L80e (RPM)
LSA WCCH Ported Heads 1400hp Axle Shafts DSS
Boosted ZL1 Fuel Pump FIC 2000cc Injectors
3400 Yank Torque converter Pro Charger F-1R
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