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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
Drinkin Absolute is like Drinkin skyy vodka. both are horrid.

Sorry, I'm a vodka snob I guess.
On a side note. Some time ago the news did a test to see if there really was that big a difference in the way various vodka's tasted.

They took a group of 8 or 10 'vodka snobs' and had them drink various brands from uber-expensive to cheap (I'm cheap myself). While I forget brands I DO remember the brand they all said was their favorite (some expensive brand) ended up being the one the claimed was the worst in the taste tests.

And in mixed drinks there was virtually no noticeable difference in flavor in mixed drinks.

Just a note to help save someone a little money. LOL

I don't care much for alcohol myself, and am content with the cheap stuff since I don't like a lot of it in my mixed drinks.

Favorite drinks- Daquiri's and Frozen Marguerita's.
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