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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
The mark (and marque) of a winner is often measured by the company they keep. In that regard, Pete, you are correct: You've already won...

No "I" in TEAM.

Danny did remarkably well @ Optima, last year. As did the L/28, for the amount of development it then enjoyed. This year, improvement is already evident. Let's hope there's no SNOW in the Pass, again...
My bags are packed and my fingers crossed.

Originally Posted by Janet View Post
I first met Danny about 5-6 years ago at Willow Springs when GM flew him out to So Cal for a Canadian TV PBS Ferrari vs Z06 challenge. It was quite obvious from the start that it was a stacked deck & Ferrari was meant to win as the rules kept evolving. Danny just went with the flow and evolved with it. As I remember it Danny won all but one (maybe two) event, but the very creative scoring showed otherwise. Please give him my best. Good luck to the team.
Consider it done!

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Good Stuff!
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