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Originally Posted by Butcher View Post
Are you serious? They are not close in price. How much do you think a convertable ZL1, with a few options, would cost? A comparable ZL1 will cost a minimum of $13,000 more than a Dusk Edition.

If you don't like the car, don't buy one. However, for everything you get with the package, the price is actually a deal.
That's my thinking as well. It's 5-6k surcharge for the package, but that includes RS ($1500) and ground effects ($2k), so it's really something like $1500-2k to get the paint/interior/wheels (which I think are nice, but don't really match well. Personal taste of course).

So, I think the bottom line on this is if you like the wheels (can't order it without them), then it's really a nice package and pretty sweet deal. If not, you are paying a little more, could sell the wheels perhaps, or maybe the dealer could swap them out onto another Camaro and increase the price a bit on that one.
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