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Originally Posted by Sickwitit View Post
Chris I for one love the new direction your going...well in your case the same direction you've always been, faster, fastest, and what the F was that!) Lol...just so you know I've made plans to purchase a helmet for the test run once that beast comes home..
Disclaimer: I being Rob Franklin and of sound mind, willing put myself in your passenger seat to test top speeds achieved and further more will scream like a girl as I hold on for dear life.
Don't judge me lol lol lol.
Thank you sir. I love the direction you and your wife have gone in. It was a very well deserved car of the MONTH . I'm hoping maybe this will be enough power. TBH i think i'm gonna have some traction issues on the 22's haha. I'm talking about spinning the tires at 70 .If the power isn't enough maybe a shot of nitrous. Run it till it blows haha then I can put a 427 stroker.

LOL don't worry man I got two bike helmets you can borrow one I got a big head it should fit. We'll load up the car and head to "Mexico" to make some runs.
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