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Originally Posted by VanquisherSS View Post
Thank you sir. I love the direction you and your wife have gone in. It was a very well deserved car of the MONTH . I'm hoping maybe this will be enough power. TBH i think i'm gonna have some traction issues on the 22's haha. I'm talking about spinning the tires at 70 .If the power isn't enough maybe a shot of nitrous. Run it till it blows haha then I can put a 427 stroker.

LOL don't worry man I got two bike helmets you can borrow one I got a big head it should fit. We'll load up the car and head to "Mexico" to make some runs. like Thelma and Louis I'm down bro for whatever...but I got a friend who may or may not be willing to sell his 17 with stickies, I was told this about a month ago when he blew his car to shit, I'll inquirer and see if his pricing is good...from what I was told this was the perfect setup for what he was running (claims a 10 second car).

Thanks man...wifey was all excited about the month thing...but I'm glad it was chosen before that Fascia was put on...I didn't want it getting credit for all the real work done... ...hahahahahaha .
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