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Originally Posted by redhotcandy View Post
What great info, thanks! I have a question. I used a clay bar for the first time yesterday on one section to to make sure I was using it right. It's awesome, don't know why I waited so long to use it. Can you tell me how often one should clay bar? Didn't know if doing it too much would harm the paint. Oh, does polishing have to be applied after clay barring? Just wondered if that had to be done.
Clay can mar the paint, so make sure to use it with plenty of lube.

Polishing does not have to be used after claying, but polishing will result in a better shine.

General guideline is clay bar your car at least 2x a year so every 6 months, but to determine specifically go outside with a baggie, put your hand in it and run it over your car. If you feel hundreds of tiny bumps, it's time to clay. This is called the baggie test.

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