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Congrats on getting the car. Also, I thank the good lord above every day for people like you! These dealers need to be reminded who supplies their money. WE DO!!! They dang sure aren't paying us to take the cars, so they need to step back and remember who they are vs. who we are. They may be holding the keys, but the angry mob will win in the end!

Sorry about that, I'm just tired of hearing about people getting screwed over by the dealers. I'm ready for the consumers to start being pleased with their experiences. It's not everyday that we get to purchase a car as beautiful as the Camaro, and we don't deserve the dealers messing that ONE day up... I think it'll continue until we have more people like you tell us about their poor experiences so that we, the people, can get fired up and fight back! *steps off of soap box*

Should I go into politics?!

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