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Yeah, I feel bad for all of those that ordered 10/13 and still haven't heard anything... I do agree that it is wrong for GM to not be manufacturing them in order, but I'm sure there is a reason. Maybe it has something to do with setting up the machinery, not really sure. I will say that it was shitty of them to produce cars for Avis and whoever else before they had their orders filled... I know that I'm automatically biased as the consumer, but that's just wrong. They should be kissing our butts and making sure WE are satisfied...
I do hope that this doesn't turn into a nightmare, but it wouldn't be the first time I've had to turn a frown upside down, lol. One thing I know is that I will NOT back out of my order, I'll take a drill to my temple before that happens, haha! We all know what they say, "All good things to those who wait..." HOWEVER, this statement is not always true... I've never once had a good outcome if I had to go to the bathroom and decided to wait, hahahaha!
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