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Football officiating was never all that bad, and all the bad calls I witnessed over the years did not total the sum fiasco of the so called "officiating" over the past three weeks. It started out comically, then quickly became frustrating and game altering. It tarnished the shield of the NFL that Roger so much wants to protect. The integrity of the League was on the line. Thank God it's over. Football ref's on average don't blow any more calls than baseball umpires I don't think from my observations. At least those never ending game delays and seemingly endless consultations of confusion will go bye bye. Challenges and scoring replays helps to keep the human error factor in check. Sports Nation as a whole was in an uproar. Now, at least we can go back to yelling out our Teams for screwing up again rather the boneheaded lingerie league replacements...LOL. It was a travesty, that will have asterisks in the book. Now, if only the NHL owners would stop the lockout....hmmmmmm
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