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Originally Posted by speedmon View Post
Car looks fantastic! Nice job!
Nothing wrong with doing a clone if you like the look...
Owners have been doing that to camaros since 1967.
Who needs 580hp in a street car anyway...I'd rather have the 30mpg.

I'm gonna give my red 2SS a 1LE look, cuz I like the look.....and mine is an auto......and they won't make those in an auto.

You just have to put the ZL1 badge on the hood and grill!
Thanks a 1LE clone will look sweet

Originally Posted by midnighter View Post
Looking awesome!

Originally Posted by pyr0b0y View Post
What type of halos are you running? They're EXTREMELY bright during the day!
OEM Halos rings I do have the color-changing halos from JDP Motorsports

Originally Posted by jameslk350 View Post
Never get tired of looking at your car.

I think the current side rockers and rear diffuser look great the way they are. But you can't go wrong with ZL1 side rockers and rear diffusers either.
Yes I am am torn between the rockers and rear as I love the OEM GFX, for now I am done this year let's see what next year brings
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