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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
My 2010 V6 Coupe had a clunk or thump when going over bumps. My 2012 convertible is solid and quiet. The noise on the 10 started almost from the time I drove off the lot. My 12 now has almost 6,000 miles and is still solid. When did yours first started clunking?
Mine was very quiet until about 800 miles on it. It got progressively worse over time.

I had a shop disconnect the front sway bar end links and secure the bar. I went for a drive and it was quiet again. So dealer replaced end links and sway bar bushing and gave it back to me. Noise was back. I told them thanks for trying, and they gave it one more shot by replacing the struts, mounts and bumpers. Was quiet for about 50 miles and now, about 300 miles later, it's REALLY bad. Makes the noise on highway joints and such.

This weekend I'm going to check fasteners all around, again. Also going to disconnect end links, again. I'm curious if it's just the sway bar.

There is one oddity - when it goes to the dealer and they put it on the lift, it appears that the noise is substantially reduced for the drive home. Next day, it's back. Unsure if it's some exotic thing with the strut innards, spring positioning/settling... WHO KNOWS!

If it does not do it in the convertible, perhaps the strut brace helps here. I'm willing to try, but tempted just to trade on a 2013 and pick up MyLink, quad exhaust, etc. Thing is, if the new one makes this noise I will be bumm'n. BUT, then I would be willing to take her to Pedders!
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