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ZL-1 Really a Z-28? - Theory

Hi Folks,

Let me throw something out.....last evening I was installing my new set of ZL-1 rocker panels that I had just purchased this week on my 2011 Camaro LS. As I was performing the installation, I took note of the part information stamped on the back of each rocker panel. Please note the attached picture I took. Notice anything yet?

Yes, you are reading this correctly. The part number clearly calls out this is in fact a "Z-28 Rocker Panel".

This may of been reported before, but following GM for some 40 years now and having worked in the corporate sector for some top 50 companies for the last 25 years plus, I understand how large corporations my theory began.

Given the recent news and speculation over GM's (renewing) trademarking the "Z-28" option code, this is begining to really line up.

My theory (and just that, I have no proof), is simple. The ZL-1 was in fact originally slated to be the new Z-28 model. Anyone that knows manufacturing and production understands that part names and numbers are established early before any production runs are actually executed. Further proof might be to examine additional ZL-1 specific parts and determine if in fact, the Z-28 code is stamped.

Assuming this was the case, several things could of happened prior to GM giving the final green light to name the car Z-28.

First, since GM fell behind in the Z-28 trademark registration and in fact GM did not hold rights to the Z-28 trademark, releasing the car under this model name would likely allow the after market industry not to have licensing or trademark restrictions - ie. GM looses a lot of money.
Second, some long term stragety change could of occured late, positioning the ZL-1 in the upper sector of the model line-up in which the Z-28 would be positioned (or marketed), either below or above the SS. But then why the Z-28 stamped parts specific to the ZL-1? One could conclude, but not likely, that some ZL-1 parts would be reused on the soon to be released Z-28. I find that hard to believe.

Finally, regardless if you believe this or not, the fact remains, GM has or had the Z-28 model on the boards at some point. And in fact, it would likely to have been on the boards very close to actual production or parts would not be released with the Z-28 stamped name on them.

Hopefully this stirs up some thoughts and further commments - I know we will find out how it all played out at some point in time.

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