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Originally Posted by stikSS View Post
I would demand the owner, service manager, and that dipshit Josh and whoever the other dumbass is that is part of that dealership in a meeting and play the audio... demand results or else... somebody would be fired or the cops would be coming.... cause i would flip desks over in that dealership.

Don't stand for that BS... you have every right to make a point and get what you want.

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+1, I'd spit right in their face for saying here is a tank of gas, for your troubles.

I had a problem when I took my car to a dealer they scratched the shit out of my door, I guess the service guy forgot he had abrasive material all over the gloves he was wearing from working on my car. I went right to the manager, we got the service tech involved and the manager tried to fix the problem with some polish. Still not happy with the result but I just wanted to get away from that dealership as fast as possible.

There are dealerships out there who actually care about customer service and I did find one. Had them do some work on my car and could not be happier with the results and service I received directly from the Service manager as that is who I was dealing with.

These people you are dealing with need to be fired without question and never allowed to work at a service shop again, possible police involvement so there is record of them damaging property of another person .
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