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Thumbs up How to Prep Your Car for Winter Storage...

Things to do to prepare your car correctly for winter storage so you can just turn the key in the spring...
  1. Change the oil(last year's oil has been contaminated by the normal combustion process of the engine and this contamination can cause acidic erosion of seals and gaskets).
  2. Sea Foam(fuel stabilizer) or other brand of fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank, then fill up(having a full tank prevents rust and condensation inside the fuel tank), and drive for a few miles to ensure stabilizer circulates throughout the fuel system.
  3. Detail car inside and out.
  4. Pump the tires up to 45 psi to avoid flatspotting if you don't have "FlatSpotters" to prevent it.
  5. DO NOT put your car on jack stands or blocks under the frame. This lets the suspension droop and puts the springs and bushings in an unnatural state.
  6. In an unheated garage, cover garage floor with a waterproof tarp as moisture barrier. Heated garage, you're good.
  7. Cardboard or carpeting under tires to add another layer of protection between floor and tires. Concrete draws moisture out of the rubber, shortening tire life and speeding up dry-rot.
  8. Moth balls by the tires and/or dryer sheets in the interior/trunk to keep critters away.
  9. PLAIN/UNTREATED charcoal briquettes in the passenger cabin and trunk to absorb odors.
  10. Steel wool in exhaust pipes to keep critters out(leave note on stearing wheel or taped to car cover as a reminder).
  11. Then hook up battery tender and plug in or you can remove the battery or you can just disconnect the ground cable from the battery.
  12. Cover car with a NOAH or similar breathable car cover.
  13. Then walk away till spring. :(
  14. DO NOT start until ready to drive it again in the spring. Letting car sit and idle for any amount of time DOES NOT get rid of the condensation that is created in the exhaust system and engine.
  15. Check with your finance company to see if you can drop full coverage and just keep comprehensive since the car will be in storage. Some will allow it, some won't.

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