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OK so it isn't a car mod, but it is a mod that lets me park my car. Here was today's handyman project:

Took a few hours, mostly cause I have very few tools, so I had to go buy a bunch of stuff. I drilled some holes in the curb, then put masonry anchors in the holes and then lag screwed (with washers on the screws so they don't rip out) the curb ramps to the curb so they don't move around or someone steals them.
Cost me about 120 bucks, and well worth it cause now I can get the Camaro in the driveway!!

Also driving around today, and I was gonna post and say I think my skip-shift is broken, but saw this in the DIC today. (Just realizing as I post this that it was a pretty brain dead move to take a picture while I drove, but if it's any consolation, I was on the highway by myself. Didn't see a car for about 30 mins)

So I guess maybe my foot is just a bit heavy Better buy new lighter shoes tomorrow!

Also, with all these posts about cars with 666 for mileage, thought I would show that my car is a bit religous, I guess:

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.........we are far from finished.................
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