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Originally Posted by Maxspeed View Post
Maybe I didn't do enough research? What extra care do I have to give it?
well for one, you have to replace springs. but nobody can give you a real time when you change them. Its about how you drive. Its a guessing game with springs, you have to check pressure of them like every year or so. to be safe.

also you must let your car warm up, more so than a stock engine. as the heavy duty springs do not like to be cold. that is why mine broke.

Think about if you had these problem away from home. i am like you, i cannot do my own work. if i had a problem and was not close to home/shop. i would have to have it towed all the way to shop. so thats annoying at times when wanting to take my car on trips. its not like you can just go to a local chevy dealership and have her all ready next day what ever town you are in.

pretty much you cam a car. you pray nothing happens. which is not how roll. personally. but of course the failure rates are somewhat low overall.

again this my view point
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