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Originally Posted by Nathan Moreno View Post
I didn't know Mike (RIP) and congrats on COTW but, I got to say.......... you guys just blow me away with the comradery in this Community! Hats to all you guys I think I'll stick around.
+1 I couldn't agree more Nathan!

Anytime a person begins to feel a little down or off all they have to do is come into Camaro5 Forums and it is an instant attitude adjustment! So sorry to hear about a fellow car enthusiast pass away rather suddenly... regardless of the car they own. Mike was still young at heart and like so many others in the forum, undoubtedly gave away a lot of his heart to friends.

In Camaro heaven it is loaded with all kinds of new friends. Quarter mile times, drifting, road racing are all OUT of this world for times and fun. Cheers to Mike and a well deserved COTW!

Simi Valley, CA
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