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Originally Posted by VR1LE View Post
Well I am a Camaro newb and have wanted a one for 22 years. I went to the dealer today and left a deposit on a 2013 1SS and we did the configure for a victory red with the only option Boston Acoustic system and the 1LE. They will palce the order in the morning. I just do not understand why the RS package is $1100-$1300 and it said it comes with the smaller wheels but I get the HID lamps and a shark fin. Has everyone been getting the navigation for $795? The sales manager said they will call me to confirm that I do not want the RS package because I wanted the HID lamps as a stand alone option but they could only order it with the RS package. So anyway I might just cancel the Boston set up and get a striped 1LE as it should be the lightest way to get one.
I would do the COSTCO configuration to see what kind of deal you are getting. Looks like most prices you are stating here are MSRP.
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