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Do you even lift, bro?
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Originally Posted by SuperchargerConnection View Post
It's gonna be a long week!
Without a doubt! Especially if I get sent to D.C. this week and the car shows up and I'm tons of miles away(waiting on funding approval to go work for the Presidential Inauguration Committee until late Jan)

Originally Posted by CrystalRedTintcoat View Post
I subscribed too and look forward to future posts.

Question: did you look at the Eddlebrock E-Force 1598? Thoughts on their package?
I briefly looked at them but right off, I don't like the appearance of them.
I also didn't like that the kit comes with 52lb injectors(too small)
Additionally, for $7K it was too much for that kit when I got my TVS shipped to my door for $5,500.

Thanks for the subscription! I'll post as many pics as I can and hope to make a few people decide on things that they may want to do to theirs

Originally Posted by Tara Martin View Post
Hi Warfighter Brandon ,

I'm an Army Civilian, so God bless your work in the field for all of us! Your evolving 1LE will be an interesting story of progress in what's possible for our cars. Alas, my 1LE will remain mostly stock for a while as it's my daily driver to the Depot. I'm sure that your progress will affect what I do to my car, so I'll watch and learn. My main interest at first will be your CAI system. I really like those headers you've chosen, too. Will headers by themselves void the warranty?

Good luck with your beautiful car, and I'll be watching!

I guess I'll keep a baseline for you, as I'll run autocross with mine stock for a while.

Take care out there!:party0038:

Thanks for your kind words Tara My entire build will take "2 days and maybe into a third". Depending on if I can get a few days off to be there for the build, will determine when I'll do the build. Tentatively planned to be done early to mid Dec.

FYI- I didn't get the CAI system, the washer relocation kit I wanted didn't work with CAI so I went with RotoFab intake in all black.

I liked CAIs insulated box for avoiding heatsoak and general appearance but I'll be installing the AI Chiller so I've already solved that problem anyways :P

My 1LE (645WHP/597WTQ) build/journal Thread:
1st ever 1LE COTW
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