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Originally Posted by TrekGTO View Post
Your Super Chiller will ship Tuesday, my welder took this past week off with his rock climber in Alabama, Jerry works at his pleasure LOL. The ZR1 and Hummer kits that were ahead of you used my last 90deg custom AN fittings, 2 each, this and surprise missing welder caught me off guard. Most kits only use 1 90deg and one straight.

TVS delivered for $5,500 and $100 off list on Super Chiller, you must know some one!

First E Force I worked with I was impressed with there kit, and wanted to trade my Maggie out for one. Now my experience has me less impressed with them. Donít get me wrong they put together a clean installation kit. I have a first gen CTS V on the lift now with an E Force over spun on a built LS3 for the Xtreme Chiller Project.

I donít know if RotoFab has updated there CAI but the ones I have worked with rub on the AC line and make checking AC difficult. This is something very disturbing in my trade.

Good info! Thanks.
Are there any slight angle/bend mods that can be done with your kit to avoid this problem?

P.S. Yeah I might know a couple cool people
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