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OK, I feel compelled to post a disclaimer! I am NOT trying to make my car look like a ZL1! lol! I can't stand when ppl rebadge thier cars to look like something they're not! I haven't had anyone say it to me but I feel kinda guilty I guess.

Anyway, with that said I must reveal my latest mod. I have already installed a ZL1 grill and a ZL styled front splitter, and now it's ZL1 side skirts! I must say that this is the look I have envisioned my Camaro to be WELL before the ZL1. Black mesh style wheels, SLP style splitter, side skirts like the Lenno car, quad exhaust tips, etc. I had the wheels and tips on before they came out with the ZL1 and I happen to like the grill better than any other out there!

So now that I have the side skirts I may be forced into getting the ZL1 rear diffuser to finish the look! Oh this is such an addiction, when will it ever end?
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