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Originally Posted by Ject View Post
You sir are much braver then I.
I can't even begin to think about tearing mine apart that far.... I thought It was hellish enough that I took the entire transmission out for the torque converter then put it back in.... I can only imagine my dumbass screwing up something simple with the engine.
I'm not a professional mechanic but I have done a tremendous amount of research on this engine. This is my first engine tear down ever. I was inspired by robertway's DIY thread and said to myself that I can do it with patience and help of other when questions come up. You just need to be 100 percent confident of every move you make in the process. Being organized helps and documenting what you do. I've been taking lots of pics for reference if I need to go back and see how stuff was. I just posted very few on here.

At first I was going to do a VVT-3 cam but decided on a 3-bolt cam instead. I've read all about the oil pump installation pains and decided that the proper way to do it is to take the engine out and also replace the oil pan gasket. After all I need a stall converter.

Yep, the trans is another beast and for me that will not need to come out.
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