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I just read that GM has a 415 hp DI V6 based on the 3.0 running reliably? I can't find the article though so I guess it doesn't count.

Sort of a thread jack, but the tuners have been pushing some of this technology. I know tuners and their 4 cylinders don't get a lot of respect on these forums, but they should- because they've been hacking together systems that do something similar to this in their back yard.

For instance they've been spraying methanol in crazy turbo'd 4 cylinders so they can push their timing without knocking and cool the charge further. 40 years ago there were 19 year olds in their back yard trying to figure out how to get more out of whatever car they could get their hands on. Now there are 19 year olds doing the same, but they're using computers and talking about some pretty heady engineering issues. I'd be willing to bet that some of those 19 year olds in 2000 are now young auto-engineers.

(edit: ps. yes I know they put these in other vehicles too, but the FI guys have really been pushing this for street cars).
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