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Crowley's Car

Picked it up on June 2nd. I have an appointment on June 29th to take it down to ADM and get the ARH Headers installed and a dyno tune. I should be doing a before and after dyno so I'll post up results.

I do plan on eventually replacing the axelback as soon as some more become available. I'm thinking something withe magnaflows in it will give a nice sound.

Additional plans include an Air Intake .. I'll wait to see what is out there and available. I also plan on doing 20x10 or 20x11s on the back with 315s on them and put 20x9s up front with 265s or 275s on them.

If MGW comes out with a shifter I will plan on putting that in the car.

That might be it for a while unless I get the itch. I'll be saving up for either a Magnacharger, KB, or Whipple in the future at some point in time.

I look forward to seeing what others do to their cars and learning from their experiences.

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