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Originally Posted by mattsfirstSS View Post

You're all crazy a convertible copo is about as useful as tits on a boar hog. The only thing good about this one is the 4 liter whipple and the IOM (The IOM is damn sweet though). But seriously a convertible drag car that isnt street legal? color me

Edit: Holy crap its also automatic. Guess we are bracket racing this one... though it is a 3 speed auto...

They are all automatic's.
But this one is the only one with the turbo 400 3 speed.

People keep forgetting the true purpose of these cars.
They are factory built Drag Racers.
With the roll cage in them, the convertible is just as legal as the coupes for the classes they run in.

Pretty good chance, this one and only convertible will never see a track though, and will be scooped up by some rich collector.
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