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Originally Posted by camaro_RS View Post
Painted them all myself . Thanks for the compliments .

Not sure if MJ, WMJ, and I are making it yet, haha . Still have to get some things sorted out and I'll know later in the week. Is there a thread page??

I'm doing something with my lighting....out of necessity, haha. Not really funny...but my driver's side headlight unit has condesationa and water in it and it's ruined. Not sure what I'm going to do about it yet. I have 53k on the car but it's not even two years I'm waiting on the dealer to see what they say. They said they needed to "contact GM" to see if they could replace it. It's been over two weeks and I've heard nothing. Will probably call tomorrow. If they won't replace it I'm wanting to know all of the best options.

I will probably start a thread about it in the Cosmetic/lighting section just to get everyone's knowledge on what the best route to take would be. You have any suggestions?? Haha.

I know the RS headlight replacement is expensive...and I'd like to have different colored halos and DRL halos. So I'm wondering what my cheapest...easiest route would be. I'm thinking about replacing both RS headlights to non-RS headlights with dual color halos and matching DRL (one color anyway) halos. I don't necessarily need the HID's.

Anyway, hope all is going well with you. Bee doing well?
Thats effing crazy....sounds like your stealership justs wants to make you buy another headlight

I guess you're options other than your dealer doing the replacement of the headlight for free.. would i guess be:
1.Find a RS drivers side replacement on ebay
2.Find a Non-RS headlight
3.Im sure theres more to these options, i had a few more before sitting down and writing this

Shes doing great though! Those headers are worth the money

Hope to see y'all this weekend
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