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Originally Posted by 68vert View Post
There have been many positive reviews on the bright blue applied to the hot wheels Camaro. What is its name, and is there any chance of it becoming a regular production color?

David Ross: ďItís called Kinetic Blue. Itís a one-time offering special paint color on the Hot Wheels Car.

O please tell me its not true...
Unfortunately, no. :(

This color is reserved exclusively for the Hot Wheels car.

Originally Posted by Char1ieone View Post
Fantastic interview from Roth and Felix. I love how the only things that are different from this edition Camaro to the SEMA Concept from last year only the hood, paint, and wheels. The paint like they said was definitely not feasible, the hood is something that I can see later on in the aftermarket word maybe recreate, but the wheels from the concept camn easily be created by just getting the 1LE/ZL1 light weights, machine the surface and pinstripe the inner of it and BAM! I love the idea of them pushing for VIN id'd die-casts of the Camaro along with the purchase. Clever idea and definitely something that would have been argued for if it wasn't included in the final product. I most definitely will be looking out for those samll editions of the new HW Edition die cats to add to my 5th Gen Camaro Hot Wheels collection. Again, great interview!
Originally Posted by MY1STCAMAR0 View Post
Thank you for the interview. That explains of alot of unanswered questions and complaints I had in regards to why the spectraflame Camaro had alot of cosmetics things I liked that the Hot Wheels edition did not carry over.

He said everything else was not feasible. Even the white Camaro photo'd by Phastek has better looking rims that should have been on the Hot Wheels edition. If those came with it, I would definitely be looking at ways to upgrade. I just can't pull the trigger on it at the moment...only time will tell.

The two guys were fun to talk to! Very into their product, and excited about their work!
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