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While some jobs may not look like they need to be union, I challenge all you RTW advocates to try my job. It has a 50% fail rate right off the bat. Then you have to deal with unfair production standards, constant harassment from management and an unforgiving public. You have to fight for every inch constantly. Without my unions backing, my employer would just fire us all and hire scabs at half the cost. 8 hour work day? Please, try 11-12 hour days on your feet hustling the whole time. You work in the elements no matter what.

Now the benefits are very good and there is a retirement package. Without a union, there wouldn't be. It's a great job once you learn how to protect yourself and the union has helped me learn that. Your union is only as strong as it's membership.

The average American worker can't afford a 1LE, so although I'm glad your seats are back in production. I hope you all keep in mind that without union labor, you wouldn't have as high of a quality product.

Without collective bargaining, I wouldn't be resting my sore legs today. I would be trudging to your doors, obtaining signatures for your iphone 5's and your wives HSN,, Zappos purchases.
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