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Originally Posted by WHAMMO View Post
Well I got my copy of the mag..

The verdict isnt has heroic as other critics recently; they managed less lateral Gs; 0.99G compared to 1.02G in the Laguna Seca Boss. They stated that the car feels heavy and has some understee.

They stated the VIR time and said it was no joke.

All in all, its kind of a neutral feeling, but they easily give the edge to the Boss(Laguna Seca it seems). Both in therms of accelaration(13.1@109mph) and on a road course.

They had really good comments on braking and said the interior was noisy.

Its kinda boring I'd say(most boring of Road n Track I've read)..It wasnt a good article, they threw fact from the past in your face and stated the package listing. Other than that, they used caution not to give any real opinion, which is somehow logic since they didnt really put it to the test again any competitor.
This wasnt the test/article I was looking for.
I also think that the Camaro SS 1LE is a great car. I read that R&T article, (compared to others), about the 1LE, this one was really boring, probably the only new thing that they mentioned, is that it's cloth seats are great to hold you in place while you are at the track. Also they made a mistake, they stated that the wheels on this car all are 20X10, and that is completely false, the one's in the back are 20X11.
About Top Gear, I love their TV program, but their magazine articles are most boring. Most of the time TOP GEAR joke over American cars finish and quality.
They don't want to recognize that the fastest production car at Nurburgring was the '10 Viper ACR (they neither invite it for a lap time in UK).
Cadillac CTS-V is the fastest Station Wagon and also the CTSV sedan, was the fastest sedan in that track.
Camaro ZL1 also came on top of other exotics, and the Cobalt SS made great time. Top Corvettes ZR1 and Carbon edition also are great cars. And the Mustang BOSS (Laguna), '13 Shelby GT500, Mustang 5.0 Brembo edition package are also great cars (Mustangs do not have lap times on Nurburgring). Neither them where invited to the UK show. The US Top Gear had a program about muscle cars, but wasn't a good show). I forget to mention that the Ford Raptor does not have any competition yet.
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