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How many miles on car when you picked it up?

I'm stuck in Jersey working, while the 1LE I ordered waits for me. The fact I ordered this thing in august and then left town 5 days before it was delivered... huge injustice!

Anyway, car has 16 miles on it... Dealer told me it showed up with 15. I'm calling BS. What would be reason for that? How many miles on your cars when you picked them up? I was told it would have 1-2 miles. I'm not comfortable with the $1600 worth of tires get thrashed by anyone but me. Or the motor getting wrung out by anyone but me.

Does delivery sheet exist? Showing mileage at each point? Does ECU contain max RPM, max speed data? Basically, do I have any recourse. I put $1000 down and ordered to avoid this BS.
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