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Originally Posted by Genevieve View Post
Beautiful build. I really like the 15" wheel setup. The 3794 wasn't an option at the time I purchased mine but it is definitely something I will be watching for the future.
Thank you! I personally love the 15" Beadlock set-up. Unbeliavable traction.

GT3794 turbos are very nice on build engines. They are capable of making a lot of power with great street manners.

I will be back on dyno soon. Car needs bigger exhaust, 3" is not cutting it.
Too much back pressure.

I maxed out ID1000cc injectors with pump gas and 16.5psi.

We will be changing them to 160lbs injectors. These turbos should be good for around 23psi. I can see in horizon us testing it with C-16 and 23psi just for fun

BigStuff 3 is also in the plan. I want to utilize it's traction control and boost controller to make it easier to get down to good E.T's with manual transmission.

I guess it's time for gage too.....
438cid IPS Twin Turbo.
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