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We also have the really cool, new, Black Stealth Camaro Caliper Covers available! These things are awesome, and we're excited to be offering them.

Just like the standard caliper covers, these Black Stealth Caliper Covers are manufactured from the same extremely high quality 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum before being finished with a flat black powder coating. The powder coating is even, beautiful, and durable, and these caliper covers will hold up perfectly to the heat and beating they'll endure in the wheel well area.

The Black Stealth Camaro Caliper covers have multiple engraving options, all of which are GM licensed and approved, and include: the Camaro lettering, the SS symbol, the RS symbol, and combinations of the above.
For a really stark and aggressive look, the Black Stealth Camaro Caliper Covers can also have their engravings filled with multiple different color options (for an upcharge). These colors offset the flat black look brilliantly, and provide a caliper cover that is stunning without being overtly flashy.

Caliper Covers aren't just good looking, either. These are fantastically functional upgrade pieces. Aluminum functions much better than other metals in drawing out heat, and the exhaust channels that are naturally created by installation of these caliper covers results in much lower operational braking temperatures, and lower temperatures means greater braking performance under harsher conditions. Caliper covers also work to help minimize brake dust that would otherwise find itself on your gorgeous wheels, and the flat black powder coated finish of the Black Stealth Camaro Caliper Covers will hide that brake dust perfectly until it's time for a washing.

Check them out on our website for more information and for pricing and ordering, or call us at (770)919-1433 and we'll be happy to help you get exactly the set you need!

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