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Originally Posted by Jgraves12 View Post
Question: If you get the 1LE package and RS package, do you get both sets of rims or just the 1LE?
Originally Posted by MR 45TH View Post
Your not gonna get 2 sets of rims no matter what package you order . A 1LE will come with 1LE wheels.
Originally Posted by Jgraves12 View Post
Then why would you pay full price for a RS package when the most expensive thing is the rims? It should be discounted for the RS package if you're getting 1LE package
Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
I thought the same thing, but I was told by a dealership that you only get one set of wheels. You're right, the RS package should show a discount when getting the 1LE package. Maybe if enough of us make some noise, GM wil honor a discount. (just hoping ) I think the philosophy behind the packages is the price reflects an upgrade from the base wheels. If they were to offer the package for complete cost of the wheels(hence getting two sets of wheels) then the packages would be a LOT more expensive.
All of this on someone's build/journal thread.... come on guys. Stay on topic please.

Got my 285 put on my car today and they all match.

Debadging later today. Will put up a couple before and after pics
My 1LE (645WHP/597WTQ) build/journal Thread:
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