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I love it. I actually have made some comments on there oracle acc thread about there video. They actually show a guy in there shop bake a housing then take a flat screw driver scrape the crap out of this housing then even state when hot to reshape your housing then rip apart. I'm sorry just like guys in my club and others on this thread. Wtf why would I bake and scrape and then do it to the point that I. Would have to as they state try and reshape my housings using my hands while hot lol really guys. Is 2012 technology on this site is crazy with engine and car mods and your telling my for 300 I will bake scrape reshape lol. Sorry guys and then to have a club member and see on here that the return policy is how it is with you paying for shipping. Ill say first hand, I'm a u.p.s. driver I pick up returns all the time and all are paid by company not customer. Good biz practice not.... Spread the word everyone so another company selling after market knock offs can close thee doors. This is the exact reason I am on these forums so I can be informed and get informed . So where can I get some scanner bars and engine bay lights and head lights without dealing with AAC. What a scam. Reminds me also stay far far away from carID. They too had same practice when after 2 weeks I wondered where my caliper covers where they told me order placed and would ship that day. Within a hour got email product on back order they told me just like AAC I should call mgp so guess what. I did and to there and my surprise. Order never placed. I wanted a custom color combo so guy said he would know and nothing. When I call back carID they hang up and tell me can't refund my money for 4 days lol yeah right you took it out in 2 seconds. Well with bank calls and calling them number of times and emails my money was returned next business day. Anyone have stories or even AAC b.s. story like so many I have been hearing about. Or other companies to stay away from. Thanks to all for having my back. And I got yours and together we will win against garbage company's and products
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