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Originally Posted by CrystalRedTintcoat View Post
Hello, Becky!

The gang over at the 1LE TPW 11/12 Group thread and I would like to check with you on our orders. Hopefully this consolidated view is helpful and useful and streamlines your work a bit. Please let us know if not. We all greatly appreciate your time and the look into the future!
  • QQZR83 -None here either
  • QPPJWS -:(Nothing to see here
  • QQQMZW -More of the same :(
  • QQDB34 -yeesh you'd think one would get built
  • QQZVX8 -Nope :(
  • QQWRRK -ditto all the above
  • QQDR08 -running out of words for no VIN
  • QQBQZ8 -Nope
  • QRBCF6 -So sorry
  • QQMK4G -A shut out!!

ímuchas gracias

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Sorry to all of you - a shut out is only good in Baseball
not VIN #'s - Oh well, makes it all the more exciting for
tomorrow - see ya'll then
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