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Originally Posted by WheelmanSS View Post
Yea I have to say I'm pretty dissappointed in this game so far. It's pretty bad. From a multiplayer perspective:

gameplay - bad. I feel like I'm playing that very first CoD that was launched with the Xbox 360. Very acrade-y feel to it. The graphics and detail are very bland. The weapons do not fire very realistically. Also, the weapons are very unbalanced and mismatched.

loadout - I felt like I was gonna have a seizure or panic attack trying to scroll through all the loadout/weapons menus. Not appealing at all. I could create-o-class in MW3 in like 15 seconds. It took me 15 seconds just to find create a class. The menus are just too busy.

Maps - So far, they seem kinda "blah" and lazy. Not a lot of intricate detail. Too much straight-forward run-and-gun. I haven't seen a lot of workable angles. It seems like, "If you're standing here, you can shoot here or here". Not much creativity. And being that the guns are pretty mismatched, whatever your weapon class of choice is, you are restricted to that role. For example, I had an AR and had a sniper on the other side of the map pegged. I unloaded half a clip into him with staggered shots, and nicked him up. He just shrugged it off and sniped me in the face. In MW3, the same scenario, a few well placed AR shots brings down a sniper.

I dunno, not very sold on the game. Halo 4 is a much better multiplayer experience. the weapons fire more crisp, the combat is more balanced, the maps have way more angles. A complete flip of Halo Reach vs CoD MW3. Treyarch kinda dropped the ball.
I do agree with you on the weapon balance. It will be fixed though. Snipers are ridiculous right now. 1 hit kills at any distance on any part if the body right now. On the flip side however, I haven't had any issues with across the map kills with ARs. I've pretty much used the Type 25 for all my play and already prestiged it twice and finished the long shot accolades.
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