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Camaro Hotchkis Sport Sway Bar Set is available now

Featured on homepage.

MSRP? $500ish.

Link to product:



Like most modern muscle cars, the new 2010 Camaro suffers from significant understeer and body roll. Hotchkis Sport Sway Bars are one of the fastest, easiest and most dramatic modifications you can make to the new Camaro, virtually eliminating body roll, dramatically improving steering response and control. A high-strength tubular 1.25” front bar and three-way adjustable 1.00” rear bar allow you to dial-in the way the car responds to throttle steer and driver input. All the necessary hardware and complete installation instructions are included and the bars are designed, tested and manufactured in the USA.

Available to Ship July 1st 2009

Lightweight 1.25” tubular front bar. 210% stiffer than stock SS
Lightweight 1” adjustable tubular rear bar +80,120,170% stiffer than stock SS
Includes greasable polyurethane bushings, and mounts.
Direct dolt- on installation
Durable, gloss black powder coat finish.

Reduces body roll, improving handling performance and drivability.
Improves steering response and cornering ability.
Allows suspension tuning for optimum track or street performance.
Bolt-In installation requires no vehicle modifications.
Lightweight tubular design
Contains all necessary mounting and bushings
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