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TPW 11/12 1LE Batch Order Status Check List (Sat 11/17)

Dear Miami Vice (aka "Becky"),

The Sinisterly Sexy Six Shooters are requesting a status update. Please bring us some good news. We might have lost Lio M. Last I heard he was waiting on the 1LE Ambulance. In the event he's "gone" already (physically or mentally), the Sinisterly Sexy Six Shooters ... wait, I mean, the Qualifying Quintet hereby bequeath his 1LE to Don Johnson.
  1. QQZR83 - Lio Martinez / CA
  2. QPPJWS - CrystalRedTintcoat / CA
  3. QQDB34 - Doglife1LE / CA
  4. QQWRRK - mrmilo / NC
  5. QQMK4G - scubadoo7 / VA
  6. QQPCQV - Johnny_D / CA

Thank you very much,

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