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Originally Posted by beausbriggs View Post
I'm having some strange issues with my USB drive as well... I've got a High Speed 8gb thumb drive. For some reason it randomly has to "index". This doesn't happen every time I turn the car on but enough to be annoying.

The second issue I have is that the screen goes blank and all it shows is the USB icon. The song still plays and you can advance to the next one. Even the menu is blank. FM/XM is normal, but the only way to get the screen back for USB is to shut the car off for an extended amount of time.

And the fact that it doesn't stay on random when you turn your car back on is annoying too. I was hoping for a little more from the USB.
I have the exact same probelm. My brother said that even his after market head unit did the same thing with USB drives. He recommended revoving the USB everytime you turn the car off, but that is anoying. I have ordered the New 35Gig iPhone so I hope that I don't have issue with that.

Maybe there will be an update for the radio in the future. is offline   Reply With Quote