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Meeting in Normandy on the D-Day Beach Landings - France

18 camaros had a "rendez-vous" on the D-Day Beach Landings this last Sunday, november 18.
A road trip which brought us from Bayeux to Omaha Beach and his monument, to Pointe du Hoc.
A sunny day gave us pleasure to drive along the Normandy coast aboard the camaros.

For the French owners of these camaros it was a way to spend a good time together, to remember our history and to honor all people who died during the Normandy landings. :flag2:
A great part of our history was happened there on these beach landings, France started to be free.

France and America are linked whatever happens.
The history shows us.
About one hundred and fifty years after Marquis de La Fayette & France helped George Washington & the young nation of America to keep its liberty face to the british empire (18th century), the America came to France on the Normandy Beach Landings to give back the liberty to the french & european people (20th century).

In France it exists a community of people who like muscle cars, like the Camaro. The muscle cars are like a symbol of freedom.
France gave the statue of liberty to America.
The America gave back the camaro !

Enjoy and welcome to France...
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