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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT
I completely agree. GM has their eyes and ears open on this one. They have lost too much in sales to let another go down the drain. They must be listening to all the feedback from the forums/websites/car mag's, etc. in order to determine what, if anything, needs to be changed. I initially wrote and had printed in Chevy Hi-Performance that I didn't like the nose on the Camaro and that I thought it just didn't fit...looking like the nose off a Cadillac. I take it back. The nose grew on me and as for the rest of the car, I hope they don't change a thing. I love the looks of the '69, but would take the concept over it anyday. Just make sure it has the LS-7!
From today's announcement it sounds like the production version will look amost exactly like the concept. Great decision IMO.
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