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Originally Posted by chef-beavis View Post
My advice would be to build the car you would enjoy. Production numbers on 1969's were way higher than 67 & 68 due to running into 1970 and the popularity the cars enjoyed. A 327 car that is not a true, unmolested "survivor" will never generate enough money when sold to outweight you enjoying your own investment. I'm all for keeping mods reversible and keeping the original parts but enjoy the car!

It seems to be an early build '69 if the 327 is original so the "350" badges were added for the effect only. Not original.

The chrome you speak of was part of the style trim group option. It also included stainless steel trim on the roof rail gutters. If you don't currently have them you could add them and make the package complete. The trim tag could tell us if it was originally equipped with the package or not.

I personally see no issue in adding some factory options to an otherwise basic level car that is far from being a survivor. Change the colors if you decide that's what you like. Color is fixable if you or a future owner really wants to put it back to original some day. Try not to make an effort to hide anything or cut anything up and you are good in my book.

That being said, "Clones" or "tribute cars" will offend a good number of enthusiasts. Think about it for a while before you make a decision. It is your car but you can alienate yourself somewhat the more you change it from what it was, into something it isn't.

Just one opinion.

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