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Originally Posted by BlkSlvrdo129 View Post
I assume the fuel rail clearance is because the FIC injectors are taller?

Never even thought about the serpentine belt routing on '13 MY camaros without PS pump. Jessika, can you address whether kits will be available that have a fix for this?
Injectors are BARELY taller at most.....main issue is OD pulleys as Jessika addresses below.
Additionally, the screws for the fuel rails tighten down flush anyways so the rail did not raise at all.

Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
DUDE!! you're car's going to be frickin' really lightin' up them 305's.

after the weather get's warmer

Congrats on getting this phase of the project going. I got a quick question, I noticed from the pics that your brembo's didn't appear to have the caliper weights on them, could you verify that for me? Do you think we could fit 18" wheels over them?(ok, that's two )

Oh...and that Gopro is just sick. I just invested in 2 camera's over the Summer and now they come out with this? my bank account just keeps getting lighter. :(
~315's :P
~I didnt see a caliper weight either and I could not say wether would work with 18s or not.
~Yeah, the GoPro3 black edition looks incredible. Going to be fun in the spring

Originally Posted by Jessika@SCC View Post
Clearance is needed due to the OD cog set...

Routing is addressed with a shorter belt... No issues

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FYI....Uploading 19 new pics as we speak
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