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Build day 2:

Clearance made in fuel rail for overdrive set up:

A pillar removed and gauges installed into the aftermarket one(boost on top; A/F on bottom) finished product tomorrow :P

Painted throttle body low gloss black:

Powdercoated strut bar satin black:

Pfadt springs ready to go in:

Manually actuating NPP valve(figured a few peeps werent sure how it opened & closed):

AI Chiller install:

This line was pre-fabbed with the fitting on the end but WAY too long as you can tell...we could have taken 2-3" easy and been good. No problem though as we used some large zip-strips and tied up to frame:

More chiller plumbing pics:


Headers installed:

Mocked up (minus RX Catch Can...see below)

Strut clearance over TVS:

Only major issue was with the RX Catch can.......2 actually!

^straight out of the box/wrapping like this!
-Additionally, it came WITHOUT the required mounting bracket! 3 of us look frickin everywhere and did not find it...even though we opened the box and immediately found no mounting bracket.

Jessika immediately jumped on it and is having one overnighted to me....hopefully it shows up in time before my build is finished tomorrow!
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