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Traded my 2013 SS for the 1LE. My comparison.

So I ordered the 1le about 2 months ago and the car finally made it in last week. I had a 2013 SS m6 with dual mode since July of this year. I was interested to see how the two compare back to back. I must say the 1le is what the SS should have been. After driving around for awhile, the differences are very noticeably between the two. The SS had a good amount of body roll and felt more like a "touring" car, where as the 1le feels very tight and predicable. Performance is close between the two. I had a CAI kit on the SS and was able to muster a 12.8 at 111 in the 1/4. I took the CAI kit off before the trade and installed it on the 1le. This car feels a tad quicker than the SS did. The gearing and transmission help that, but I also think the un-sprung weight from the lighter wheels make most the difference over the SS. The biggest difference for me though has to be the clutch. I did not read anywhere, where the clutch is different than the SS. They feel completely different to me. The SS actually had a longer pedal travel and more stiff. The clutch in the 1le grabs closer to the floor and the pedal is soft. I get a little chatter too. Has anyone heard that the clutch or hydraulics are any different? All in all, I love the 1le. It is a blast to drive and turns heads everywhere. It is definitely a step in the right direction for Chevy.
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